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JGTO: Min Gyu Cho Defends Fujisankei Classic Title  

Another reminder of last years success for the Korean men in Japan, with Min Gyu Cho hoping to defend his title. Cho was very much a surprise winner last year and based on his current form, he would be again, but golf gives each and every competitor an opportunity to win, so why not Min again…

2012 and 2015 (photo from 2012)… champion K.T. Kim will be hoping for a hat-trick of wins at this tournament. Kim is in need of a decent week- this time last year he had three wins under his belt. 

Instead of mentioning the other twenty Koreans teeing it up this week, this photo of Sung Hyun Park with the JT Cup will do. This was the last Korean victory in Japan; the final event of 2016. It’s time to update this record, this week…


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