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KLPGA: Surprise Maiden Win For Shin Young Park 

Having missed six cuts in thirteen starts this season, prior to this week, it is safe to say that Shin Young Park was a surprise winner of the Caido Ladies Open. If that’s not enough to convince you, throw in the fact that this was her 111th tournament, with no previous wins!

The joy expressed by Park after such a long winless streak was very much evident, as her fellow competitors and large crowd embraced a very popular victory. “Never give up” they say, well here is another prime example of this! One hundred and eleven events…

After the celebrations conclude and a well earned rest is taken, Park will head to Paju next week for the next KLPGA event, before the Tour takes a two week break during the peak summer season temperatures. The blistering heat over the past four days was stretching the limits of many golfers, but Park certainly won’t complain!




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