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Jinho Choi Preparing for Big Year Ahead 

After a successful 2016 on the KPGA Tour, Jinho Choi has set his sights higher for the year ahead. He has been working hard preparing for the upcoming season, as well as enjoying some important family time with his wife and three kids. I’m just glad he found some time to conduct this interview…

How are your preparations going for the 2017 season?

I am trying my best to hit the ball longer, to go to the next level in my career. I started working with JJ Rivet and will be working out regularly throughout the year. I also changed my clubs to Taylormade. And now I am focusing on training for this year’s upcoming schedule.

What does your typical daily training schedule involve?

Two hours of physical training and about two hours of golf practice day and night.

Are you on a strict diet too, or do you feel that’s not too important?

Well..I think it is important and I try to eat nutritiously, but because of certain circumstances, it is not easy to always maintain a healthy diet, but I try my best…

What is your main goal for 2017?

I don’t know where it may happen, but I want to get a tour card on the European Tour or Tour. 

How about your KPGA goals? With the possibility that you may play the inaugural PGA Tour CJ Cup this year, is that extra motivation to ensure you maintain your position as the top player in Korea?

Yes, it definitely is. It is a huge event and a massive opportunity at the same time. But we will just have to wait and find out if I will be able to play in or not!! My goal on the KPGA Tour this year is to have more than two victories.

Do you feel like your game is stronger mentally after the two year military break?

Yes. It was quite a long time away from the game, but it did made me stronger mentally. It gave me the opportunity to take a step back, reflect and readjust my career goals. 

And now you have your former army superior as your caddie? How important is he to your progress? 

Yes, that is correct! First of all, he is very strong physically, so he is very capable of multi-tasking, which can be very advantageous. At the same time, he is a very close friend of mine, and always encourages me to play with confidence.

What would you say has been the greatest moment of your career so far?

My final putt at the 2015 SK Telecom Open. It was about 10 feet. If I missed it, I would have gone to a play off with Soomin Lee, but thankfully it dropped! 

What about the current crop of Korean youngsters? Do they motivate you to work harder?

Yes, they definitely motivate me. I see that there are so many players nowadays who have very good technic, so it encourages me to be more prepared every year.

Are there any young players in particular that you think look the most promising? 

Yes, Eunshin Park and Junsub Park. 

Which golfer(s) did you look up to when you started out?

Honestly, there wasn’t any player that I looked up to. I just had fun playing golf and it is still fun just playing golf. I never had a role model.

Has family life changed your outlook on your career? 

Yes. My life was all about golf for a long time, but my family have given me a new perspective and helped me maintain my composure both on and off the course. My family has become my motivation to continue playing golf to the best of my ability. 

I hope you are getting enough sleep…Apart from your family, who else are you thankful for their support,  as your career progresses?

All of sponsors from past to present, but most importantly, Hyundai Steel. They have supported me for 8 years and their belief in me is extremely motivating for me to play my best. I am very thankful for their continuing support. 

What advice would you offer up to young Korean kids hoping to become successful golfers like yourself?

Simply, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s what you learn from them is the most important. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer the aforementioned questions and all the best for 2017 Fantastic Jinho… 


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