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Happy New Year from KGN

img_20161231_134358_4382017 is upon us and the countdown to the resumption of the golfing calendar across the globe is just around the corner. We hope that throughout the year, we can keep you right up to date with all aspects of Korean golf, both here in Korea and abroad.

There’s no doubt that the emergence of the game here is happening at a very rapid pace. There will be lots of victories to celebrate, memories to cherish and heartbreaking moments to endure- it’s all part and parcel of the game we love. This is a non-profit project, but every effort will be made to keep you informed, entertained and interested in the greatest game in the world.

Will we finally see YE Yangs 2009 PGA Championship victory emulated?

Will a Korean lady be back on top of the world this year? How many Koreans will make this years Presidents Cup team? What rising stars will emerge this year? Will Sangmoon Bae make a return to winning ways after completing his military service? There are so many more questions that will be answered in the coming months.Exciting times ahead for sure. 

Stay tuned and thank you for your interest in Korean golf news β›³πŸ‘




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First up, I suppose I better say hello and thank you for visiting my website, whoever you are. I teach, I write, I caddy, I write, I travel, I write. Mostly, about golf if that interests you. Usually interviews for various publications and blog about my caddy adventures.

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